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The goal of the DV-MEGA project is to develop a KIT for a dual-band D-Star transceiver.

Because this can't be done overnight different modules will be available all based on the

D-Star stream. The D-Star steam is common to a DV-node adapter, radio hotspot and transceiver.

Using the DV-MEGA Radio HotSpot Shield & a computer ( PC or Raspberry PI ) you can create a Duel Band D-Star HotSpot which will give D-Star users “ Over The Air “ access to the net work from the comfort of there arm chair or around there QTH with a D-Star compatible hand held.

Dv-Mega Blue Stack Unit’s Can Be Found Here

The DV-MEGA Shields are successfully used around the world to build D-Star compatible Hotspots more Versatile and much cheaper then anything else on the market! The DV-MEGA Radio access Shields are already-made up & are individually tested and shipped around the UK for our customers.

*DV-MEGA Boards Are Very Reliable*, Low-Priced Solutions For Building D-STAR Hotspot Networks!

All DV-MEGA Shields Work 100% With The Icom ID31 / ID51 / 5100 / IC-7100 Ect / / / /

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