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 DVMEGA AMBE3000 Shield Our Price £89.95 ” No Longer Avl For Sale

 DVMEGA AMBE3000 shield fits on top of an Arduino MEGA Or The myDV AMBE Carrier Shield!

 This board is Equipped with a AMBE3000 Vocoder and PCM3500 Codec! ( Comes With A FREE Audio Board )

The PCM3500 converts the analog microphone signal into a digital stream (PCM). And that, conversely, the digital PCM stream is converted  back into an analog audio signal. The digital PCM format is 8Khz with a depth of 16 bits. This would be an amount of data of 128000 bits per  second. Not suitable to be sent via a 4800 bps radio connection. The AMBE3000 Vocoder makes of 128000 bps a digital signal of 3600 bps.  This is the voice information and error correction codes. These error correction codes make it possible to restore a signal which arrives  corrupted at the receiver station up to a certain level. DVMEGA AMBE3000 can be used as AMBE Dongle (Digital Voice converter) but also  as a digital transceiver in combination with the Dual band radio shield or GMSK shield.

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