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We are now selling the all new DV-MEGA Dual Band DSTAR shield that works in conjunction with the Arduino Uno R3 & the Arduinio mega 2560 Units!

Info on the Dual Band Radio Hotspot 2M/70CM (  SIMILAR TO THE DVAP ) BUT this is DUAL BAND & Cheaper!                                

 Specification Of The DV-MEGA Radio Shield                                                                                                 

- Fits on a Arduino UNO R3 and MEGA 1280/2560

- Dualband VHF 2m/UHF 70cm DSTAR / DMR /C4FM  Radio Access Point

- 10 mW Output Power                                                                                                                              

- SMA Antenna Connector

- Complete & Assembled In A Custom Case

 What you get in the box

- 1 x Arduino UNO R3 Board - Programmed with v3.14 Software!

- 1 x DV-MEGA Dualband VHF 2M / UHF 70cm Radio Access Point Shield!

- 1 x SF-20 144/430 Dual band Antenna!

- 1 x Gold Right Angle Antenna Connector!

- 1 x USB Cable! - Takes It’s Power From The USB Cable To Run!

- All ready to plug in & go after setting up the software!

 Working with Windows BlueDV / Pi-Star / MMDVM /EcT!

 This is a Dual Band Dv-Mega Plug & Play Device!

DV-Mega Dual Band Radio In Our Custom Fitted Case! DV-Mega Dual Band Radio In Our Custom Fitted Case! Instock & Ready To Send Out!